About Elly


Elly Kausner was 24.  She gradutated from Clarence High School and went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree at Canisius College.  She was in her second year of law school at Florida Coastal in Jacksonville.  She was on her way home for one of her frequent visits with our family when the crash of Continental Flight 3407 ended her life. 

Elly was fearless. She wasn't intimidated by people or situations, she'd take every moment and enjoy it to the very fullest.  She'd been skydiving, gone to the Kentucky Derby, visited all the big cities for the St. Patrick's Day Parade, and the week before she died, she went swimming with the dolphins. She would come up with the most outrageous ideas - at Christmas time, when all of her girlfriends from high school were back in town, they would dress up like elves and romp around from place to place, singing and hooking people with their canes... they called it "Elf Night." She took people by surprise, she was gorgeous, charming, outrageously funny, and when she believed in something, she fought fiercely for it. She would have been an amazing attorney and made such an impact in her field.

What was so amazing about Elly was that she found a way to excel in school and spend endless time with her family in the midst of living so much life. She made the Dean's List every semester in undergrad, won a prestigious full paid scholarship her senior year, and continued to win academic awards in law school. She had 4 nephews and a niece, and she spoke of them constantly. She had to find the biggest, most exciting gifts for them on every birthday. They were the joy of her life.
When we lost Elly, our family was paralyzed.  She left behind 4 nephews, a niece, a brother, sister, mother and father, and so many friends.  Elly was such an important part of our family, and the thought of living the rest of our lives without her is agonizing.  We are comforted in knowing that we will see her again, and in sharing her light with the rest of the world through the Elly’s Angels Foundation.  We do this so that Elly will always be with us.